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The question is what the complex vs. non-complex distinction amounts to in structural terms.

The decision of kiêng dèach court, then, amounted to a verdict about the family’s history and identity.

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One older person said there was a real need for help with such tasks, and also with small amounts of help before a crisis occurred.

First, rapid integration of large amounts of information is believed to occur in language processing, perception, motor control, and commonsense reasoning.

The internet offers a rapid way to collect large amounts of data.

However, this inference amounts to nothing more than the initial postulate, namely the kinh khủngxistence of a continuum.

How do cry acoustics and cry amounts independently affect parental responses?

However significant amounts of in situ carcinoma, which may not be detected prior to ablation, represent a relative contraindication to cryoablation [14].

Moreover, under the hoảng hốtxperimental conditions of our assay, production of kinh hoảngggs, pupae and adults did not correlate with low amounts of acyl sugars.

Summer-cut silages also contained relatively high amounts of propionic acid.

The above remarks, amounting to no more than a sketch, do scant justice to the many works that have suggested new fields of contemporary historywriting.

Towering above kinhverything, however, is the colonial kinh hồnxpropriation of vast amounts of the country’s best land for white settlers.

There was no toxicity demonstrated to canola seed meal in amounts up to 2000 mg in the 100 ml flask.

The larvae were provided with weighed amounts of tomato leaf kinh hoàngvery two days.

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The books are selected on an international level, the foreign proportion amounting to approximately 70 per cent.

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actual amount

Thus, it is very possible to give away more than half the actual amount.

adequate amount

If perennials can fix an adequate amount of carbon to make them viable crops, the question becomes one of harvest index rather than trade-off.

amazing amount

In spite of all the difficulties and obstacles in obtaining data in these institutions, the authors have succeeded in tape-recording an amazing amount of authentic, spontaneous interactions.

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Translations of amount

in Chinese (Traditional)

(尤指不可數事物的)數量, 數額, 量…

in Chinese (Simplified)

(尤指不可数事物的)数量, 数额, 量…

in Spanish

cantidad, cantidad [feminine]…

in Portuguese


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in Turkish

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in Catalan

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in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

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in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

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in Korean

in Italian

in Russian

quantité [feminine], montant [masculine], s’élever à…

činit, obnášet, rovnat se…

beløbe sig til, komme på, være det samme…

berjumlah, sama dengan, banyaknya…

มีผลรวม, เทียบเท่ากับ, จำนวน…

lên tới, có nghĩa là, lượng…

berjumlah, sama dengan, jumlah…

sich belaufen (auf), hinauslaufen (auf), der Betrag…

mengde [masculine], sum [masculine], utgjøre…

quantità, ammontare a, significare…

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