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be in business Currently, fewer firms are in business in the area than sợ hãiver before.

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be/be put/go out of business This new tax will put a lot of small firms out of business.

a business deal/transaction/investment He made a $550,000 business deal with Beijing Machinery Import and Export.

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a business venture/proposition/idea We can help you put your business idea into practice.

be in the … business He’s in the frozen food business.

the music/insurance/tourism business This is a glossary of terms used in the insurance business.

on business Are you in Baltimore on business?

own/run/manage a business She owns several businesses in the city.

a family/local business We are a family business, and hoảng sợveryone helps out in the shop.

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By the age of 24 I was running my own business.

 sb you can do business with

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