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“console” là gì? Nghĩa của từ console trong tiếng Việt. Từ điển Anh-Việt


Từ điển WordNet


  • a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall; console table
  • a scientific instrument consisting of displays and an input device that an operator can use to monitor and control a system (especially a computer system)
  • an ornamental scroll-shaped bracket (especially one used to support a wall fixture)

    the bust of Napoleon stood on a console

  • housing for electronic instruments, as radio or television; cabinet


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  • give moral or emotional strength to; comfort, soothe, solace

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. A control unit, such as a terminal, through which a user communicates with a computer. In microcomputers, the console is the cabinet that houses the main components and controls of the system, sometimes including the screen, the keyboard, or both. With the MS-DOS operating system, the console is the primary input (keyboard) and primary output device (screen), as evidenced by the device name CON. See also CON, system console. 2. See game console.

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File Extension Dictionary

WinNT Console File

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary


syn.: cheer comfort solace sympathize

ant.: afflict torment torture


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