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Các ví dụ của fly


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This noninvasive technique permits the rapid assessment of the overall retinal integrity for a large number of flies.

These birds do not fly away when free; they (choose to) inhabit the human world, which protects them and gives them human meanings.

However, what is reinforced by these data, is the very low percentage of flies in the total trapped population that bore pollinaria.

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Tests for heterogeneity indicated that flies within geographically defined regions were homogeneous.

For each cross, 5 pairs of flies were kept in a food vial and transferred every 2-3 days to vial with fresh food.

It seems unlikely that all this is actually occurring in the small brain of the fly.

Unlike the routine for the main trapping grid, these traps remained untended for three consecutive days before flies were harvested.

In the experimental cross a total of 3 red-eyed flies were observed among virtually the same total number of progeny as in the control cross.

The pai palote is something that flies in the sky, and you use it typically at the beach.

The level of infestation varied with location ranging from 3.0 to 97.2 flies per kg of fruit.

Their response to visual traps alone also was significantly lower than that of mature flies, about half the percentage.

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We also predicted wing development of flies should correlate inversely with roost duration, restricting flightless forms to bats in permanent roosts.

In such cases, decision makers can reevaluate options on the fly, allowing them to quickly determine how these choices affect various solutions.

My experience with regard to the favoured haunts of these flies is almost precisely the same as that of other investigators.

With the definitions given in the previous section, consider a population where the initial generation consists of one female tsetse fly.

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