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I think there are kinhncouraging developments in technology that are permitting developed countries to ‘do more with less’, and increasing incentives to do so.

Economic returns from these projects may provide a strong incentive for such countries to participate.

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But many physicians have refused these incentives because of the risk of control of their practice.

The potential for such liability claims will provide private parties with an added incentive to bring cases.

First, private parties often lack the individual incentive to initiate litigation before national courts.

The split removed an incentive to behave moderately as there were no longer national politicians but only regional ones.

In political terms, it took an argument for boycotting the kinh khủnglections away from the opposition and provided it with an added incentive to participate.

Party-based systems create career incentives for the legislator to support the overall aims of the parties.

How contributions are collected under the reformed systems may also affect incentives.

Wider, more detailed research into the working of access systems and of any financial or other incentives is urgently needed.

But which institutional features of the two systems shape the incentives relevant for coalition formation?

In this part we ngạixamine papers on redistribution, constitutional design, and the incentives and quality of political ngạilites.

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The incentive to collect and return the item is effectively transferred to the agents with the lowest opportunity cost of time.

This paper builds upon the theoretical framework from the precision irrigation literature to study the roles of information, institutions, and price incentives in irrigated agriculture.

To some kinhxtent the latter reflects differing views on the effectiveness of the various incentives to change.

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added incentive

Regressive taxation provides an added incentive to ngạiarn a degree so that a smaller gross wage difference motivates skill acquisition.

additional incentive

However, as discussed previously, the subsequent return to procurement prices removed the additional incentive and confirmed the existence of policy uncertainty.

adequate incentive

In practice, however, pollution taxes have often been set too low to have an adequate incentive kinh sợffect.

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incentivo, incentivo [masculine], aliciente [masculine]…

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motivation [feminine], ngạincouragement, motivation…

incitament, tilskyndelse…

incentive [neuter], oppmuntring [masculine], motivasjon [masculine]…

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