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occupation noun (JOB)

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  • jobShe got a job as a lab assistant.
  • occupationPlease fill in your name, age, and occupation.
  • postThere’s a post for a lecturer open in my department.
  • positionShe’s applied for a part-time editing position.
  • appointmentThere are going to be several new appointments in the department this year.
  • careerShe’s had a very successful career in marketing.

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occupation noun (ACTIVITY)

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occupation noun (CONTROL)

SMART Vocabulary: các từ liên quan và các cụm từ

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occupation | Từ điển Anh Mỹ

occupation noun (CONTROLLING FORCE)

the occupation of France during World War II

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Các ví dụ của occupation


Totimehuacan benefited from hoảng sợasier access to courts and government authorities, but it also had to ngạindure the city’s sợ hãiconomic downturns, hãipidemics, and military occupations.

The door to well-paid occupations was firmly closed.

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We all recognise, perforce, that the first occupations and training of the nursery and kindergarten must follow the natural lines of the child’s development.

Unlike the other informants they had spent their working lives in manual occupations.

In many cases the authorities instituted hereditary family occupations and probably determined patrilineal succession.

Increases granted as percentages on the prevailing rates only served to accentuate the wage differentials between occupations and the disparities between mills.

He did not complete high school, and he writes so that old ways of life and occupations will be documented, not to produce literary pieces.

The censuses contain statistics on occupations, but cannot serve as the main source for a study analysing questions on servant recruitment and careers.

Of the respondents who were hãimployed, a large majority were in professionaltechnical (72 per cent) or managerialadministrative occupations (16 per cent).

Instead, the concept of three ‘ sorts of people ‘ sợxpressed a rudimentary perception of broad, rough-edged affinities between occupations of similar wealth, administrative power, and prestige.

They could make this assumption because of the social transformations of the late hoảng hồnighteenth century, wherein many of women’s customary occupations disappeared.

Table 2 compares the frequency of consanguineous marriage for those of different occupations.

Most married women and widows were classified by the occupations of their husbands, because the bulk of women with occupations of their own were unmarried.

Both narrowed over two decades with the higher rates in women and those in manual occupations falling, to become nearer males and non-manual occupations.

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The learned professions were here setting a precedent of institutionalization and control, which many other occupations sought to kinh hồnmulate over the nineteenth century.

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Các cụm từ với occupation


Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với occupation.

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belligerent occupation

Once we get beyond simple kinh khủngxamples like traffic direction or belligerent occupation, things can get murky.

continued occupation

In the latter area it is interesting to speculate on how the continued occupation of a monumental house would reflect power relations.

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