Officience – offsharing in Viet Nam

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Officience has become our main Sharepoint partner and there has not been a single day to regret this decision.

FV Hospital

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Thank you, Officience for your call and prompt respond to my feedback. I am very impressed with your follow up services to customers.

Viet Rice

A very good experience. Hope I can renew it for other projects!

C.Hamieau – Project Manager

Hoi Anh

I really appreciate the availability of the Officience team, and its responsiveness.

M-A Leurette – Program Director


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Good job for this development, looking forward to working with you again!

P.Navarre – Chief Executive Officer

Second Wind

We have been working with Officience since 2013 and they have become our best partner for retouching. All our retouching needs are swiftly taken care of despite the time difference with Vietnam, and their retouchers now know exactly what needs to be done with very minimal quality control from them. Taking on new clients, we feel confident including Officience in the retouching process every time.


I am impressed with their response time and engagement.

Raymar Ranin – Telco Sourcing Expert


“Outstanding response, design of requested tools on very high level.

Jozef Hrusovsky – Access Pricing Manager


Team is always available and easy to contact. They are always prompt to reply and help. They also take into consideration our suggestions for improvements for the report.

Lydia Taieb – Project Management Officer OBS Sourcing APAC


The team’s commitment is second-to-none and I appreciate their ability to present solutions at the same time as describing a problem – this is exactly what a manager needs to see.

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Martin Howarth – Project Owner


Not in daily direct contact with the team, but from my engagement, I find them fully efficient in managing the activity. The quality of work and ideas coming from the team are excellent, well in tune with what we need and what is effectively the best way to monitor.

Parminder Sehra – Project Owner


“We always get a very quick response when we have new tasks or questions coming up. Our researcher is always eager to do a better job and therefor frequently asks for feedback, which we really appreciate. From the day we started our cooperation three years ago we have been very satisfied with the work Officience have done for us!”

Frida Sundqvist – Talent Acquisition Manager


“What impressed me the most was the flexibility of the team, their ability to adapt to new processes and the pro-activity of the team’s leadership in self-assessment. Highly satisfied with the team – they are very accommodating and able to produce excellent quality work.”

Christopher Ngo – Operations Manager


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