positive adjective (CERTAIN)

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to use your mother’s car?” “Positive.”

“It was him – I saw him take it.” “Are you positive about that?”

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positive adjective (TEST RESULTS)

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positive adjective (COMPLETE)

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positive adjective (ABOVE ZERO)

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positive adjective (ELECTRICITY)

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positive adjective (BLOOD TYPE)

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positive adjective (CERTAIN)

positive adjective (HAPPY)

positive adjective (MEDICAL TEST)

Her TB test was positive.

positive adjective (COMPLETE)

She was a positive joy to have around.

positive adjective (MORE THAN ZERO)

positive adjective (ELECTRICITY)

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Examples of positive


The positive part aims to show that adoption and practice are sufficient to create the fundamental plans of a legal system.

These were mentioned by 0932710037%) of the men who reported positive returns, but by only eight (38%) of those who did not.

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But here, we have quitted the positive history, to enter into the realm of representations, which requires a different approach.

For many, trust was borne out of positive experience from past referrals.

It turns out that this difficulty considerably slows down both tasks, as compared to the scenario with positive knowledge radius.

The behaviorally oriented intervention produced significant reductions in coercive parenting and improvements in positive parenting.

Figure 1(a) shows that, as increases, the pulse amplitude increases and remains positive.

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Women were almost equal to men in strong, positive roles despite the fact that they were represented 870 times and men 1511 times.

A point should however be stressed: to get only positive shares, d must be smaller than 1, which is not always the case.

Any patch of positive symbols is forced to be surrounded by on the top and bottom and on the left and right.

To determine whether children actually produced ‘ happen ‘ more often in negative than positive contexts, the order of occurrence of surrounding utterances within episodes was examined.

That is, there were more negative contexts surrounding ‘ happen ‘ than positive and neutral combined.

As the time horizon is extended, 0 increases and becomes positive after 54 weeks, and the uncertainty surrounding 0 increases.

On neither coast, however, do fisher training programs provide a positive and significant impact in terms of technical efficiency.

There was a significant positive relationship between monthly rainfall, monthly minimum temperatures and flavonoid concentration, but no relationship was found with leaf age.

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Translations of positive

in Chinese (Traditional)

有希望的, 建設性的, 積極的…

in Chinese (Simplified)

有希望的, 建设性的, 积极的…

in Spanish

optimista, positivo, seguro…

in Portuguese

positivo, certo…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

in Thai

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in Vietnamese

in Polish

in Malay

in German

in Norwegian

in Korean

in Italian

in Russian

certain/-aine, sûr/sûre, positif/-ive…

souhlasný, kladný, jednoznačný…

positiv, afgørende, sikker på…

ซึ่งถูกต้อง, แน่ใจ, มั่นใจ…

khẳng định, dương tính, rõ ràng…

pozytywny, pewny, dodatni…

positif, pasti, betul-betul…

positiv, unumstößlich, sicher…

sikker, positiv, bekreftende…

costruttivo, positivo, certo…

положительный, оптимистический, уверенный…

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