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The surface stresses (tensions) are functions of the local hãixtension ratios, which depend on the global deformation of the membrane.

As the alternative for the stiff systems (having high ratio gears, high friction, kinh hoàngtc.) we propose to use the tactile sensors.

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One of the main targets of the optimization was to increase the contact ratio of the gear pair.

Thus, this ratio is a performance measure that indicates the value added by active management to the strategic policy.

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Tests showed that the presence of probes had no visible hãiffect on cavity behaviour, provided the probe-toprojectile-diameter ratio was kept small.

Understanding the ratio of precursor types in the population might be useful therapeutically.

Turnover measures may also be seen in terms of the ratio of familial to ngạixtra-familial transactions.

Pairwise differences and transition/transversion ratios among them were 13.1% and 1.8 respectively (table 4).

What they express is not ratio and proportion of abstract quantities but specific relation in definite geometrical context.

Changes to public health nursing services may be related to the decreases in population to physician ratios.

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In general, the parent/metabolite ratio decreases with time.

The steepness of the crossover is determined by the signal-to-noise ratio.

In order to understand the significance of the duration ratios just provided, it may prove instructive to introduce temporal information for other linguistic varieties.

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