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In the absence of any prior public notice or explanation, rumors filled the information void once the gathering and dispatching of students began.

With the rumor, creditors immediately surrounded the bakery trying to collect their debts.


Amid the intermittent drought conditions of the late 1890s, people often focused their rumors particularly on the contamination of local water supplies.

None of this, however, ever got beyond the proposal stage, or the rumor mill, to become actual policy.

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The widespread rumors of his illiteracy seem to be at least partially true.

It can be positive (scotch a rumor) or negative (scotch their fun).

Contemporary accounts speak frequently of wild rumors and inexplicable speculations which seem to have pervaded this incident.

These rumors are absurd and nonsensical, as the government has no intention whatsoever of baptizing us.

By that more sophisticated standard, the adaptationist research program has done quite well in recent decades, despite premature rumors of its untimely demise.

The rest of the population sensed the documents’ content through leaks and rumors and derived a practical lesson.

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In many cases, in fact, popular rumors embodied connections between these different, overlapping state manipulations of local ecologies.

As evidenced by the rumors that spread throughout groups of ex-soldiers, many askaris saw membership as the key to maintaining elite status.

We certainly have to dispel the rumor that functional languages are for teaching compilers, interpreters, and type systems.


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