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Accounting and auditing standards need to be reexamined to provide enhanced value to users of financial statements, related disclosures, and more comprehensive business reporting.

Parrinder does not, however, enumerate, far less describe, these standards.


Within each of the standards, minimum required and, in some cases, recommended reporting is described.

The final rule contains standardized test procedures and performance standards to ensure that detergent gasolines provide an effective level of protection against certain engine deposits.

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The performance elements and standards include the following.

To date, no national standards to guide the type, quality, and duration of supported employment have been established.

Much will obviously depend upon how these standards are applied in practice.

Again this is a substantial number of cases by reconstitution standards.

The middle classes had experienced low unemployment and nascent affluence during the interwar years and their living standards deteriorated considerably during the 1940s.

The setting of particularly high standards for uniformity and internal consistency makes it impossible to speak of the existence of almost any” ism” in policy.

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Secondly, social work is likely to become more professional as training standards improve.

Other older people might continue to judge present day experience by false standards.

Currently there are no universally accepted standards for environmental auditors to work toward, although they are beginning to be developed.


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