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1. an accepted or official position, especially in a social group: 2. the…

However, adult nutritional statuses showed that undernourishment was not severe enough to damage the capacity for work of farmers.

Besides, the bottom pre-harvest nutritional statuses of women were lower than those of men.

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The vast majority of bondservants had been freed, and legally servile statuses largely abolished.

Second, the personal poverty risks of individuals were compared with their observed poverty statuses, taking into account total family income after taxes.

In the sheltered housing scheme, the residents remained outwardoriented and drew on their previous roles and statuses.

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Even those who do make a positive decision to leave settlements may hold multiple identities or statuses.

Of special interest are the ideologies of classification that emerge, which can often be linked directly to speakers’ demographic and generational statuses.

One can argue speculatively that [a:@] has different sociolinguistic statuses for adults and children.

Comparing the two marital statuses would appear to be inappropriate.

If natures can wholly explain some ontological statuses, it at least makes sense to ask whether they can explain others.

Rather, particular communities and statuses are human creations, resting in principle on the choices of consensual members.

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Consequently, rather than doing away with other identities, improvements in any one of these statuses can contribute to other statuses by leading to the reinterpretation of all the interconnected statuses.

As the content, meaning and significance of more traditional statuses wax or wane, so the relationships among the constituent knots and threads of social organization alter.

The efficiency is examined using two methods: a conventional method, which compares input intensities under different contractual statuses including output sharing water contracts, and also the stochastic production frontier model.

While the old-age home residents collectively turned their stigma into a source of positive labelling, the sheltered housing residents drew advantages from their previous roles and statuses.

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