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Strategies to address the increase in elderly admissions to hospital have included the development of admissions wards to which all acute admissions are received.

The researcher made several visits to the wards and community centres when necessary to make contact.


The community involved comprized of two wards and hence had a neat geographical location.

Table 2 shows the characteristics of the electoral wards included in this study according to this classification, according to the level of socio-economic deprivation.

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Assessing the environmental quality of longstay wards for the confused elderly.

Respondents are contacted through surgeries, hospital wards or clinics, and may be interviewed there.

On hospital wards, strict control measures aimed at breaking the chain of transmission were implemented as soon as a case was suspected.

Many wards have no routine maintenance policy for sphygmomanometers.

Participative management style feature of high satisfaction and quality of care wards compared with low satisfaction and quality of care wards.

As stated, old age psychiatrists are best placed to address the specific problems of elderly patients on general medical wards.

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Posters and flyers with invitations and information about the study were also given at seven different psychiatric wards, but few respondents were recruited this way.

The establishment was comparable to that of the elderly care wards that shared the same hospital site, a satellite of a large acute trust.

Were midwives to examine all babies on normal wards, savings would increase to approximately £4.30 per baby born or £2.5 million nationally.


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