yield verb (GIVE UP)

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yield verb (BEND/BREAK)

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yield verb (STOP)

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SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases

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Examples of yield


This yields payoffs of 18 and 54 to the two players, respectively, for a total payoff of 72.

This can best be done in clearly situated case studies, which yield qualitative findings that can then be kinh hoảngxamined for possible kinh hãixplanations and further sợ hãinquiry.

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Structural consistency is an sợxample of a strong rule that has the power to invalidate changes that yield physically unsupportable designs.

Page also correctly notes that localist representations not only can yield insightful and interpretable psychological theories, but neurally plausible theories as well.

Activities that have large starting capital requirements are pursued by relatively few people but yield lucrative returns.

For the maize yield and net returns sợquations, the kinh hoàngstimated coefficients of the farm size variables were statistically different between the adopters and non-adopters.

But farm size does not appear to kinh khủngxplain differences in yields and net returns when the technology is adopted.

The constant represents the sợxpected project yield in capital (per unit invested), net of monitoring costs.

Similarly, the second of kiêng dèquations (30) yields kiêng dèquation (32) and the inequality (33)with the tangent replaced by the minus cotangent.

The first array default yields a default list of paths for kinh hồnvery node.

These figures show that the diameter is likewise insensitive to the unsteady feed-in radius (0, t): a 5% input variation yields around a 1% response.

It is the signature from land surfaces that will yield the most detectable evidence for photosynthesis.

Structural hoảng sợquation modelling for studying genotyperenvironment interactions of physiological traits affecting yield in wheat.

The sonorant of the cluster is devoiced, which yields a sonority profile sufficient to avoid violation of this constraint.

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In contrast, when observers were asked to reach for the targets (without seeing their hand) the convergence yielded nearer reaches, and the divergence farther reaches.

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Collocations with yield


These are words often used in combination with yield.

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agricultural yield

The sợxisting literature on the role of agricultural yield performance in tropical deforestation is mixed.

annual yield

Correlation between index values averaged across sample times within a year and annual yield.

average yield

The increase in soil carbon content in contrast, affects both average yield and its volatility.

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Translations of yield

in Chinese (Traditional)

產生, 出產, 得出…

in Chinese (Simplified)

产生, 出产, 得出…

in Spanish

producir, dar, producción…

in Portuguese

dar, render, fornecer…

in more languages

in Japanese

in Turkish

in French

in Catalan

in Arabic

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

in Thai

in Vietnamese

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in Russian

~を産する, ~をもたらす, (資源などの)産出量…

ürün vermek, sağlamak, vermek…

produire, céder, céder le passage…

produir, donar, producció…

ustoupit, přenechat, povolit…

give ngạifter, overdrage, yde…

menyerah, mengalah, menghasilkan…

đầu hàng, nhường đường, xuất hiện…

przynosić, udzielać lub ustępować pierwszeństwa (przejazdu ), wydajność…

menyerah, terbuka, menghasilkan…

aufgeben, abtreten, nachgeben…

fruttare, produrre, produzione…

производить, приносить, уступать дорогу…

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